Independent Ergonomics Consultant-Optimizing the User Experience   


Ergonomic Analysis
HumanUse can provide you with the following services to improve the market share for your product(s):
  • Ergonomic Design Analysis
    • Comprehensive analysis of the ergonomic benefits and design opportunities
    • Ergonomic product design checklist and analysis
    • Postural targeting analysis methods
    • Design research
    • Statistical analysis
    • Usability analysis
  • Competitive Market Analysis
    • Analysis of your target markets
    • Analysis of relevant ergonomics information
    • Analysis of new market opportunities
    • Survey research methods
    • Interviews and focus groups
    • Archival research
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
    • Goal, criterion and standards-based evaluations
    • Benchmarking of product performance from a user perspective
    • Expert Design Evaluations
    • Evaluative surveys
    • Focus Groups
    • User fitting trials
    • User testing trials
  • Customized ergonomic evaluations