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Who We Are

HumanUse Inc. is an independent Ergonomics Consulting company founded in 1999. We specialize in assisting with the development of Ergonomically Driven Technologically Superior designs. We also offer Training and Design Development services. Since 1999 we have been providing expertise to businesses.

We can provide innovative and customized approaches to evaluating product usability, or conduct conventional usability testing. We provide a highly cost-effective approach to improving the usability of your software or hardware.  We have helped companies win significant design awards (e.g. 2007 Best of Times Award).

We can provide ergonomic design input to help your facilities decisions and the development of ergonomic standards for your workplace.

We can deliver ergonomics training packages for your employees, and we can deliver training materials in a variety of media formats to suit your needs.

Humanuse associates are leading professionals in Human Factors and Ergonomics, led by Professor Alan Hedge. Now your company can take advantage of the expertise of leading Human Factors and Ergonomics professionals that is offered by HumanUse.

If you are interested in further information on the range of design development services and ergonomics training programs please contact us.