Independent Ergonomics Consultant-Optimizing the User Experience   


What We Do
Our mission is to provide you with the best Human Factors and Ergonomics expertise to improve the usability design of your products, processes and workplaces by applying:
  • Cognitive Ergonomics - how users see and understand hardware/software
    • Human Usability
    • Testing Ergonomic
    • Interface Design
    • Ergonomic web site design
  • Design Ergonomics - how well user dimensions and capabilities are met
    • Ergonomically Driven Technologically Superior Product Design
    • Work Environment Design
    • Design Research and Analysis
    • Competitive Market and Product Analysis
  • Environmental and Occupational Ergonomics- how well the workplace supports user tasks
    • Ergonomics Program requirements and Training
    • Ergonomics Training Materials
    • Environmental Ergonomics(heat, air quality, light, sound, vibration)
    • Ergonomics Design Development Services
    • Development of Facilities Ergonomics Design Standards