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What We Do

Optimizing your Products


Ease-of-use is key to designing successful products. Usable products, either hardware or software, improve user performance and errors, and user preferences, and that translates into better sales.

We can provide innovative and customized approaches to evaluating product usability, or conduct conventional usability testing. We provide a highly cost-effective approach to improving the usability of your software or hardware.  We have helped companies win significant design awards.

Optimizing your Workplace


We can optimize the ergonomic design of your workplace to improve your workspace layout, working tools and work techniques. Improving your workplace ergonomics will increase productivity, improve health and wellness, increase retention, reduce absenteeism, and enhance comfort and satisfaction. Comfortable workplaces translate into better performance.

We can provide ergonomic design input to help your facilities decisions and the development of ergonomic standards for your workplace.

Optimizing Work Performance


Optimizing a person's work performance means ensuring they are performing work tasks using the best work techniques in a way that eliminates worries about errors or injuries.

We can deliver ergonomics training packages for your employees, and we can deliver training materials in a variety of media formats to suit your needs.

Optimizing Worker Health


Optimizing a person's workplace health means ensuring they are not exposed to risks for musculoskeletal injuries through better ergonomic design.

Optimizing health also means developing strategies to increase activity levels in the workplace to minimize unnecessary sedentary work, which lowers the risks of obesity, type II diabetes etc.