Human Factors/Ergonomics Expertise

Cognitive Ergonomics


How users see and understand hardware/software :

  • Human Usability Testing
  • UX Interface Design
  • Ergonomic web site design

Design Ergonomics


How user dimensions and capabilities are met                                               

  • Ergonomically Superior Product Design
  • Design Research and Analysis
  • Competitive Market and Product Analysis

Occupational Ergonomics


How well workplace ergonomics education supports user tasks                 

  • Ergonomics Program requirements 
  • Ergonomic presentations
  • Ergonomics Training Materials

Environmental Ergonomics


How well the workplace environment supports user health                       

  • Environmental Ergonomics (heat, air quality, light, sound, vibration)
  • Work Environment Design
  • Development of Facilities Ergonomics Design Standard